Unique Solutions

Welcome to Spillburg Private Limited.

Spillburg Holdings is a limited liability company, having its primary objective to offer specialized services for potential investors to set-up operations in Sri Lanka.

Our core services for Prospective Investors & Business Clients are as follows;

* Project Management & Company Setting up / Formation.
* Project Funding & Banking Facilities.
* Visa Extensions & Facilitation of Entry, Resident, Business, & Second home Visas.
* Legal,Conveyancing & Secretarial Services.
* Specialized legal and tax consultancy.    
* Back Office Operations on Accounting, Auditing & Tax Services.
* Trading & Sourcing of Materials.
* Sourcing Property & Lands for Projects, Resident, Commercial & Office Space. 
* Property Valuation.
* Logistic Services.

Spillburg is managed by team of professionals having wide experience in the field of Corporate Management, Marketing, Legal, Accounting, Taxation, Administration and Logistics.

We provide a One-Stop-Shop solutions to our esteemed clients on advising all aspects of carrying out businesses in Sri Lanka.