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Welcome to Spillburg Private Limited.

Spillburg Holdings is a limited liability company, having its primary objective to offer specialized services for potential investors to set-up operations in Sri Lanka.
Spillburg Holdings (Private) Limited is a business advisory cum management consultancy company providing our clients with a diversity of services aiming at improving their businesses through a broad range of value added consulting services.

Our main objective is to provide our clients with Value for Money services through a thorough understanding of their business ventures, evaluating business issues and providing timely advises to enhance the value and accelerate the growth of our clientele.

Management Consultancy

Providing necessary and relevant advisory to carry out business in Sri Lanka. Obtaining all required government / agency approvals.
Assisting in setting up companies and establishing local Joint Ventures.
Obtaining specialist approvals for project/ trading activites .

Visa Facilitation

We can arrange residence visas for BOI, Private sector,
NGO’s and spouse.
Student Visas, Transit Visas.
Multiple entry Business Visas and extensions. Resident Guest scheme.
Facilitation of dual citizenship.
Special services for Expat Sri lankans living abroad.

Legal Consultancy

Corporate  & Labour Law.
Banking and Finance advice.
International Legal services.
Cross Practice services.
Industrial Relations Consultancy.
Intellectual Property advice.
Tax Compliance advice
Business Due Diligence

 Full Management Consultancy Package 

Head Hunting support services.
Advertising, chain management, logistic and administrative support services.
Architectural, construction, engineering and project management services.
Housekeeping support services.
Sourcing materials. Sourcing lands & property for special projects.
Specialised legal advisory and conveyancing. Sourcing materials.
Sourcing lands & property for special projects.
Specialised legal advisory and conveyancing.

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