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About Sri Lanka

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Introduction and Geography


The island of Sri Lanka lies in the Indian Ocean, to the southwest of the Bay of Bengal. It is separated from the Indian subcontinent by the Gulf of Mannar and the Palk Strait and is located about 31 Kilometres off the southern coast of India.

Latitude – 5° 55’ to 9° 50’ north
Longitude – 79° 42’ to 81° 52’ east
650km north of the equator.


The coastal areas and northern half are flat, the central and south central areas are hilly and mountainous.


Total area 65,610, Land area 62,705, Inland waters 2,905

Social Indicators

Social Indicators

Growing Economic Hub With Favourable Policies


GDP at current market prices – (Rs. Billion) 11,183
GNI at current market prices – (Rs. Billion) 10,932
Per capita GDP at market prices – (Rs.) 533,398
Per capita GDP at market prices – (US$): 3,924


(percentage change) 2015  GNI : 4.8  GDP : 4.8 

Trade (2016)

Exports (Excludes Re-imports) 10,217

Imports (Excludes Re-imports) 19,515

Trade Balance (US $ Million)    -9,892

Focus Sectors


Cultivation and processing of fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices, Deep Sea Fishing & rearing/ processing of fish, Animal husbandry projects, Horticulture / Floriculture


Apparel manufacturing, Textile and Fabric Manufacturing, Garment Accessories, Garment related Services such as Garment washing, Textile testing, Screen printing etc


Branch campuses of leading Foreign Universities, Higher Educational Institutes, Hospitality / Tourism / Hotel Management, Design Development, Engineering, Nursing, Maritime Training

Export Manufacturing

Rubber, PVC Products Cement, Minerals (processing), Metal, Transport, Equipment, Gem & Jewellery, Electrical & Electronics, Ceramic, Paper, Leather, Chemicals, Pharmaceutical, Boats, Food (processing), Tea, Wood, Coir

Export Services

Shipping services, Other marine services (shipping services, crew exchange etc), Printing services,
Management consulting services, Aviation Services, Automation services, Other export services, Enterpot Trading, Logistic Service, Regional Operating Headquarters


Housing and Property Development, Shopping & Office Complex, Mixed Development Projects,  Hospital Services and Medical Services, Warehousing & Logistic Services, Exhibition Centres, Industrial Parks, Construction of Highways and Railways

Knowledge Services

IT Software Development, KPO / BPO Industry, IT and IT Enabled Services, IT Training Sectors.

Tourism and Leisure

Hotels / Resorts / Villas, Higher-end restaurants, Leisure / Entertainment and Theme Parks, Tourist transport: Domestic and International Sea & Air transport, Meeting Incentive Convention and Exhibition: MICE, Domestic and International Air transport / Water-based transport, Skill Development: Hotel / Hospitality Training Institutes


Power & Energy, Telecommunications and Related Services, Ports Development, Distribution of Petroleum related products such as LPG & LNG, Recycling of Waste

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