Basement Level, Cinnamon Lakeside Hotel, Colombo 2, Sri Lanka.
HOTLINE NUMBERS +94 777 487720 / +94 777 790919

About Us

We Make it Happen

Welcome to Spillburg Holdings Private Limited

Spillburg Holdings is a limited liability company, having its primary objective to offer specialised services for potential investors to set-up operations in Sri Lanka.

Spillburg is managed by a team of professionals having wide experience. In the field of Corporate Management, Marketing, Legal, Accounting, Taxation, Administration and Logistics.

We provide a One-Stop-Shop

We provide a One-Stop-Shop solutions to our esteemed clients. Advising all aspects of carrying out businesses and for investors in Sri Lanka.

Our main objective is to provide our clients with Value for Money services. With a thorough understanding of their business ventures, evaluating business issues and providing timely advises to enhance the value and accelerate the growth of our clientele.

We Have a Proven Track Record

Spillburg Holdings has successfully facilitated many visas for numerous clients for their stay in Sri Lanka in double quick time. Furthermore, Spillburg Holdings maintains a strong relationship with the Board of Investment of Sri Lanka. The premier agency in approving investments into Sri Lanka and several other government agencies. These include Customs Department, Department of Immigration and Emigration, Registrar of Companies, Department of Inland Revenue, private institutions and several business chambers.

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Spillburg Holdings are experts in head hunting support services. Labour laws and corporate law. We can give expert advice on Intellectual Property and advertising, chain management, logistic and administrative support services. Architectural, construction, engineering and project management services.Housekeeping support services. Sourcing materials. Sourcing lands & property for special projects.

Specialised legal advisory and conveyancing. Sourcing raw materials and finished products. Sourcing land & property for special projects and specialising in legal advisory and conveyancing.

Principles Of Our Work

      • Management Consultancy

      • Visa Facilitation

      • BOI, Tourist Board, Ministry of Industry Project Approvals

      • Back Office Operations & Support Services

      • Legal Consultancy & Conveyance

      • Special Projects

      • Project management


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