Basement Level, Cinnamon Lakeside Hotel, Colombo 2, Sri Lanka.
HOTLINE NUMBERS +94 777 487720 / +94 777 790919

Management Consultancy

We Make it Happen

Management Consultancy

Providing necessary/relevant advisory to carry out business in Sri Lanka.
Obtaining all required government/agency approvals.
Setting Up companies.
Finding Local Joint Venture partners.
All types of visa facilitation

Legal Consultancy & secretarial services
Back office & support services
Compliance services



Specialised Consultancy.

Obtaining specialised approvals for projects/trading activities outside BOI.
Trading,sourcing raw material and finished goods.
Sourcing of land & property for projects
Specialised legal advisory & conveyancing


Ancillary Services

Head hunting support services.
Advertising, chain management, logistic and administrative support services.
Architectural, construction, engineering and project management services.
House keeping support services

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