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Things to do While Quarantined at Home

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Things to do While Quarantined at Home

Things to do While Quarantined at Home

As the coronavirus spreads, more and more people are living in quarantine. So how can you stop yourself from getting bored if you can’t leave your home? #stayathome

Get healthy #stayathome

Even if you can’t go out, there are plenty of ways to stay fit at home. Try looking on websites like YouTube to learn new ways to exercise. To keep your mind healthy, try meditation. Anyone can learn it, and you can do it anywhere.

Build a fort #stayathome

Quarantine can be hard for kids, so if yours are getting bored, get creative and try building a fort! Use pillows, blankets and furniture to make a fun space where your kids can play games, read books, and forget about what’s going on outside.

Start a journal or blog #stayathome

The coronavirus outbreak is an important event in history, so try starting a journal or blog to write down your thoughts and experiences. Not only will it help you remember these unusual times, it might also help you make sense of what is going on.

DIY #stayathome

DIY means “do it yourself.” It’s when people improve or repair things in their homes themselves, instead of paying someone else to do it. If you own your own home, use your extra time for some DIY.



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